OG:Crystals DAO

Constitution version 1.0


This document is to serve as the constitution for members of Organic Growth: Crystal Reef (OG:CR) DAO 

Organic Growth: Crystal Reef (OG:CR) is a generative NFT artwork by co-creators/artists Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko, and digital art platform and producers Snark.Art.

OG:CR consists of 10,301 “crystal seeds” which have been “grown” using crystallography principles and coral reef growth as parameters for form and structure; initially from mint and then transformable after subsequent secondary market transactions for up to seven “generations”, and/or within a three month period. Each crystal’s unique form is the result of algorithmic interaction with specific criteria established by the co-creators including the unique identification code of the owner’s crypto wallet, history of past transactions, and wallet NFT contents. As such, OG:Crystal NFTs are a visual melding of digital data and organic processes. Taken as a whole, the entire collection is a reflection and group portrait of the dynamic and dedicated community that owns and supports the project itself.

The creation of OG:CR DAO or “decentralized autonomous organization” is integral to the project’s identity. Made up of OG:Crystal owners, the project DAO embodies the ideals of transparency, independence, and self-governance exemplified and reinforced by blockchain and will also determine the ongoing evolution and development of the project up to and beyond the creation of the collective sculpture OG:Crystal Reef.


The Reef is the collective manifestation in the sculptural material form of the entirety of the OG:CR collection.

The Reef sculpture serves as a physical representation and collective portrait of the community creation of the collection in its digital nature and moreover represents all individuals that make up the OG:Crystal community. This includes the use of the name OG:CR (OG:Crystal Reef) The final material, structural and overall visual identity of the REEF is up to the creators.

Purpose of OG:CR DAO

To propose, approve and execute actions with the purpose of supporting and or elevating the value of the OG:CR ecosystem.  These actions may include but are not limited to: managing OG:Crystal opportunities, and the support, and development of like-minded NFT initiatives based on governance guidelines.

This text is a living document intended to be pliable to dynamic evolution should outcomes of procedural voting clearly signal a shift in strategic direction. The most current version of this document will be available here — https://doc.ogcrystals.com/dao/ 

Original Creators

There are 3 original creators of the project:

Original creators might or might not be members of the DAO and do not have any additional power compared to regular DAO members.  As with all member-holders, their voting power is defined solely by the number of crystals owned.


Co-creators are wallet owners that participated in the growth of the OG:Crystal collection (claimed, bought, or sold it during the growth period). Co-creators might or might not be members of the DAO and do not have any additional power compared to the regular DAO member. Their voting power is defined solely by the number of crystals that they own. Their names must be mentioned as co-creators.


DAO Board, Members

While we are aiming to have a flat structure, we think it is important to have a DAO Board that would focus on proposal structuring and processing.

DAO Board

The purpose of the Board is to administer DAO proposals and to serve the vision of the community. Board consists of 5 members of DAO selected and supported by the voting process.

Each Board member is elected for 1 year but might be replaced earlier by the majority vote of the community.

Any member of the Board can leave anytime, give a reason, and initiate voting for a new member for the same position.

DAO members

Anyone who is a holder of at least one OG:Crystal is an eligible voting member of the DAO. Active participation is open to all members regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or any other characteristic of distinction.  The only other requirement is that members conduct themselves in a manner that fosters inclusive respectful discourse with the purpose of exploring ideas and executing initiatives for the mutual benefit of all OG:CR holders.  Passion in the expression of opposing points of view is expected and encouraged within the framework of respect for one another -  differences are our strengths and will bring us closer to our vision to support art, culture, and the natural world.

DAO and Original Creators Relationship

While the creation of the DAO is the intention of the Original Creators and an integral aspect of the overall OG:CR concept as NFT art project, they are not associated with it and/or responsible for its decisions (as determined by vote.)  Moreover, Original Creators reserve the right to stop cooperating with the DAO if DAO goals and core will no longer reflect Original Creators’ vision and values.

Crystal ownership and commercial rights

Crystals can be owned by individuals, collectives, or institutions. Representatives may be named by said collectives or institutions.

The owner of a specific individual crystal has all commercial rights to that crystal as long as they have ownership. These rights are transferred to any subsequent owner(s).

The individual AR (and VR) assets that have been made available to the public do not grant users (non-crystal-owners) commercial rights to said assets, which are for personal use only and not monetizable or otherwise saleable. They may be exhibited in the metaverse or otherwise used in such a manner that promotes and presents the OG:CR collection in the best light.

Printable 3D model assets will be for individual ownership, use, and reproduction only, along with commercial rights to that crystal, and not extended to the public.

Collective ownership of the REEF and commercial rights

OG:CR Reef as well as commercial rights attached to it are collectively owned by its community - the DAO. These commercial rights do not extend to individual crystals that make up the whole or any fraction or segment of the sculpture beyond those owned by the user/holder in question

As of right now DAOs are not fully recognized as legal entities and to ensure effective collaborations with museums, galleries, and other art institutions, the commercial rights of the REEF will be formally and legally in the possession of the Original Creators of the project.

Original Creators will have the right to make any transactions with the REEF (including sale, loan, donation, etc) ONLY upon the decision of the DAO members.

Original Creators can reassume control and rights to the REEF sculpture from the DAO if it deviates from their "vision and values.  Additionally, they reserve the right to veto any proposals that might interfere with their ability to execute on plans and commitments.  This includes but is not limited to: actions that the Original Creators deem harmful to the image and reputation of the project or damage/impede pre-existing/planned relationships and commitments with third party individuals organizations and institutions.

Proposal submission guidelines

Anyone can submit a proposal to the DAO channel on the official OG:CR Discord server. The Board reviews and discusses it and updates it if needed. And decides whether to put it on a vote or not.

If yes, one of the members of the Board arranges a vote on the official OG:Platform Snapshot (https://snapshot.org/#/ogplatform.eth).

By default, voting lasts 48 hours with a quorum of 50 votes. However, the quorum can be predefined by Board members depending on the importance of the proposal.

Voting Mechanics

One vote per crystal owned.  Depending on the nature of the choices in a vote, the mechanism may include, but is not limited to:
Single Choice, Approval, Quadratic, Ranked-choice, and Weighted.  For more information on these mechanisms, you can visit

The submission of ideas and proposals is limited to verified holders of at least one OG:Crystal and must fit within the DAO submission guidelines.

Proposals are accepted by a simple majority of votes.

DAO fund and funding

DAO fund (Treasury) is funded through 2% of royalties from each resale plus a one-time transfer of funds, provided by the project creators in the amount of 30 ETH.

Treasury wallet address is 0x955A0De2154B884b8BAF48d98bBe16aA32F21272

DAO can nominate a treasury manager to execute transactions from the treasury wallet on DAO’s decisions. DAO nominated Danil Krivoruchko (aka Myshli)  to become a treasury manager for the first 12 months since the DAO's creation (up until the 26 of April, 2023).